Frequently asked questions

Q: My eyes burn! why did you do this in perl?

A: I didn't start the project, but I'm sure that it was because Perl is quite good at managing text files with relative ease and there was no better candidate at that moment.

Q: Why don't you recode it in python or $HYPE_LANGUAGE?

A: Because life is short and I've got better things to do. If you want to begin such project, I'll be glad to cheerlead and offer you advice.

Q: At least, can I do modules in $HYPE_LANGUAGE?

A: Sure you can! The infrastructure of system-tools-backends allows you to integrate your modules, as all the comunication between the modules and the dispatcher is done through DBus. so all you'd have to do is making your module follow the system-tools-backends DBus naming conventions.

Q: I want it to support my distro! (Ok, that's not a question)

A: Then you're welcome to help! maintaining s-t-b may be a quite tiring task (specially the "install distro, test s-t-b, code a few things, uninstall distro" cicle), so I'd require as much help as possible to add support for new distros. If you're confident that your distro behaves exactly like another supported one, then telling me so is more than enough. If your distro is exotic enough for not being supported at all, then get in contact with me, I'm sure we can help each other.

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