2.8.x series Stable branch.
2.6.x series Stable branch.
2.5.x series Unstable branch.
2.4.x series Stable branch.
2.3.x series Unstable branch.
2.2.x series Stable branch.
2.1.x series Unstable branch.
2.0.x series Stable branch, features a DBus interface.
1.9.x series Unstable branch, defines what will be the 2.0.x stable series, features the DBus interface and other design improvements over 1.4.x.
1.4.x series Old stable series, features an XML interface.

Latest code (git)

To get the latest development code, you can do:

        $ git clone git://

Alternatively, you can visit the FreeDesktop gitweb to view the repository through the web browser.

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