Supported platforms/distributions

This is the list of supported distributions as of version 2.0:

Debian Up to Debian Etch
Ubuntu Up to Edgy Eft
Redhat and Fedora Core Up to Fedora Core 4 (Stentz)
Mandrake and Mandriva Up to Mandriva 2006.1
SuSE Linux Up to SuSE 9.1
SlackWare Up to 10.2.0
FreeBSD Up to 6.x
Solaris/OpenSolaris 2.11 (Nevada)
Nexenta 1.0
Gentoo Up to 2006.1
rPath Linux Up to 1.0.3
VidaLinux Up to 1.2
PLD Up to 2.99
Vine Up to 3.1
OpenNA Up to OpenNA 1.0 (VSLC)
Yellow Dog Linux 4.1 (Sagitta)

If there's a new version or distribution and you feel confident that it behaves exactly like one in this list, don't doubt to drop a mail telling so, this way the list above can keep growing!

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